They call me Antti

About the author

I am an information technology enthusiast, a someone who still has passion for everything related to computers, hardware, software, networking and the Internet. IT architect by heart I am enthusiastic on design, security and upkeep of information systems. I have worked as a programmer and as an systems engineer, as a client and as an provider which gives me unique perspective on the industry.

Avid reader of books and occasional writer of sci-fi short stories whom one day wishes to learn how to play the saxophone. Even if I am a bit of a bookworm the rollercoaster of feelings and thoughts that only selluloid can deliver never goes a miss either. Archery, hiking and biking in the nature keep my mind mind clear of clutter generated by daily life and occasional glimpse to the night sky either through cameras or telescopes lens give it perspective.

During my existence I have dreamed of many things, most of them silly, and this site is my new archive for them.