Dreams have power

Why yet again a new reincarnation of my site?

Posted by Antti Peltonen on 09 May 2017

The other day I caught myself thinking that why we scorn the dreamers? Everyone of us is a dreamer, but it is like with some divine command that we have been silenced and forced to do the same to anyone who dears to dream of big, obscure and wonderful things. We loose the ability to think outside of the box, dream of different solutions to problems, sometime during adolescence. Why? Is it the school system or peer pressure and fear of been ridiculed as a teenager? Some of us survive and keep the ability to dream intact over the years, but too many of us concede to social norms and just tremble through adulthood and responsibilities it bestows upon us. Once we graduate and get a job it seems that we are only good at what ever we are doing at the moment and we do not dare to venture out, branch to unknown.

I do not know the answer to why or how. I am not a philosopher nor an scholar doing scientific studies on the subject matter, but what I am is a adult (to a varying degree) and in recent years I have shockingly observed on myself how I have lost my ability to dream the silly things. I live a happy and productive life, but the endless nights of creativity and typing away stories appear to be behind me and I really would like to find that wonder again. My preferred medium of dreaming was always writing and I do enjoy still to a scribble now and then, but when I do end result of those never form into anything concrete anymore so I just abandon them. Or more accurately I discard them because I do not deem them worthy of existence. I think that they do not have any other purpose than waste my time and effort – valuable resources to any adult. I have caved in.

Few days ago I came across an article describing why Elon Musk’s The Boring Company is a bad idea. Mr Musk came up with the idea for Boring Company while driving (or more accurately being stuck) in Los Angeles traffic and wondering if there would possibly be a better way. He dreamed up as a joke an idea of actually boring tunnel network under L.A. on which cars could travel and therefore help clear the congested highways on top. Mr Musk dreams BIG as we know of his other ventures like the Space-X and Tesla motors, but it was a quite a shock to everyone when mr Musk tweeted that the joke about The Boring Company did not stay as one, but was now in fact very much a real business venture. Many naysayers surfaced to tell us why mr Musk had (again) lost his mind. Most convincing of these arguments are the ones that end up totally abolishing the fundamental idea behind the venture with sound logic of "The law of congestion". This “law” dictates that if you add lanes they will soon fill up with cars and therefore wont ease the congestion at all. A tunnel with cars flying around in weird sleds is still a road with lanes in it so they are governed by the same laws as normal roads. I wont tear a hole in either of these positions, mr Musk’s or mr Alter's (writer of the Treehuggers.com article referenced earlier), because it is not the point I try to convey here and because I do not consider myself the expert at traffic planning. What I found myself wondering however after reading the article criticizing The Boring Company and its founders understanding of laws of traffic was that what about his dream? Sure cars on sleds in a tunnel is bit silly notion that in the end will fail (or if it does not you can ridicule me freely), but power of dreams are in the ideas they convey not in who tells them or not even necessarily in their feasibility. After dust settles from the last caved in tunnel The Boring Company possibly ever builds we still end up with new innovation driven by people who share the dream of alternative to congested highways. These innovations are then applicable elsewhere in our society and possibly even as a part of colonization effort of the planet Mars that SpaceX is planning.

Ideas are just concrete manifestations of dreams. Humans went to the Moon because someone had the audacity to dream about it first, tell someone about it and then be ridiculed over their dream. But the dream tantalized entire generations of humans and finally we made it happen on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC as the Eagle landed to surface of the Moon. To get there however we needed huge leaps of technological innovation that trickled, in good as in bad, back down to other things we enjoy (or suffer) today in our everyday lives.

My point in all of this is that this blog is my place to dream, to share thoughts and silly notions. While writing a blog I improve my writing skills and vocabulary and in the end it gives me new ideas and reasons to dream about things I ordinarily would not think about in this or that context. Just because something looks pointless, and possibly is, the side effects might be something completely different. During the setup process of this blog platform which is again something totally different than what I have ever used before I have already learned new tools and techniques that I will inevitably carry with and utilize elsewhere. About those in a new post at later date. So that is why yet again my blog rises and soars to the sky made of bytes like the proverbial Fenix bird, as an idea born from a dream of sharing my silly notions.